• Large Babies May Benefit from Early Induced Labor. Talk to a Birth Injury Lawyer in Cleveland

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    Does your doctor think the baby you’re bringing to term might be larger than average in size? Congratulations. That means more to love. But that also means your baby may face greater risk of getting its shoulders stuck during delivery and potentially face a birth injury. You may benefit from an early induced labor at 37 to 38 weeks of pregnancy. Besides saving yourself that call to a birth injury lawyer in Cleveland, you’ll be protecting the baby’s health and potentially preventing birth complications.

    A recent European study suggests that women pregnant with unusually large babies may benefit from early labor induction, generally around 37 to 38 weeks. Doctors tend to avoid early labor induction because early labor can lead to breathing problems and other complications to the infants. However large babies have greater risk of getting their shoulders stuck during birth, which presents a greater risk for fractures, nerve damage and suffocation. The risk is around 1 percent for normal size babies, but 10 percent for larger infants. The study found that one case of shoulder dystocia was prevented for every 25 labor inductions

    “I believe that the benefits of induction outweighed the potential risk of an early term birth” for infants who are exceptionally large, lead author Dr. Michel Boulvain, of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Geneva University Hospitals in Switzerland, said in an email to Reuters.

    If you gave birth to a large baby that suffered shoulder dystocia as a result of not being induced, you may have a case for a birth injury lawyer in Cleveland. Contact the Linton Law Firm for a free consultation today.

  • From the Desk of a Birth Injury Lawyer in Cleveland: Expert Testimony Made All the Difference in $20.6 Million Award

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    As any birth injury lawyer in Cleveland will tell you, it’s always good news when an appeals court upholds the rights of a struggling family over those of a hospital. The hospital may have its own insurance woes to protect, but the family suffering a birth injury has serious financial concerns when it comes to the lifelong care of their loved one.

    Last September, a Maryland appeals court upheld a $20.6 million award to a family whose sun became afflicted with cerebral palsy due to birth complications at MedStar Harbor Hospital in Baltimore. The hospital argued there was no proven connection between the cerebral palsy and the lack of oxygen the child suffered when an umbilical cord became wrapped around the child’s neck after medical staff neglected to perform a necessary C-section. Luckily the child is not mentally impaired, but has difficulty moving his arms and legs and will spend the rest of his life in a wheel chair.

    Ultimately, it came down to the testimony of the witnesses both parties called before the court. The jury sided with the family’s experts, who testified that the hospital neglecting the C-section resulted in the birth trauma.

    “Jaylan’s experts, each with decades of relevant professional experience, explained the sequence of events that deprived Jaylan of the reserves that normally protect fetuses during labor and left him vulnerable to the deprivation of oxygen that occurred shortly before his birth,” Judge Christopher B. Kehoe ruled. “Certainly, [the hospital’s] experts reached conflicting conclusions. The point, however was that there was sufficient evidence from [the Norfleets’] experts to make … the question of causation in fact an issue for the jury to decide.”

    Often it is the expert witnesses called by a birth injury lawyer in Cleveland that can make all the difference. The Linton Law Firm has a wide resource of experts at its disposal to help your case. Call us today for a free consultation.

  • From the Desk of a Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyer: Maryland Strives for Birth Injury Fund

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    How do hospitals offset the cost of birth injury? A Cleveland lawyer pointed to a recent article in the Baltimore Business Journal that suggests recent rises in birth injury statistics in Maryland may help renew the push for a birth injury fund to provide for the victims of birth injury. Despite a steady decline in the state’s mortality rate, Maryland experienced a slight uptick in reported birth injuries in 2013. It was also revealed that drug or alcohol overdoses accounted for a full third of deaths among pregnant women or new mothers in 2013.

    Doctors have been concerned about maternity services shrinking programs due to the expense of birth injury litigation. Last year, the University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus (formerly Maryland General Hospital) shuttered its obstetrics and gynecology department. Mercy Medical Center ended its relationship with a popular midwife practice and has been very vocal about how the cost of litigation has strained its maternity ward. In response, it has helped form the Maryland Maternity Access Coalition, which seeks to establish a no fault birth injury fund.

    Proponents argue that the fund would not only provide for the victims of birth injury, but would cool fears of litigation in the medical community. Doctors and hospitals would pay into the fund, which would award damages to clients of birth injury lawyers who have suffered as a result of malpractice. The group failed to push legislation through the General Assembly last year to create the fund, but hopes to have more success this year as a result of Maryland’s recent increase in birth injuries.

  • Detecting Birth Injury and When to Contact a Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyer

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    A birth injury can be difficult to detect, but it could have lasting impacts on your child’s life. Some are minor and have little effect on the baby’s development; others will require lifelong care and perhaps rehabilitation. If you suspect your child’s birth may have resulted in injury, contact a Cleveland birth injury lawyer like Linton Law Firm to obtain a professional assessment.

    An injured child may exhibit the following symptoms of birth injury:

    • mobility problems
    • eyes with a tendancy to look downward
    • floppy muscle mass
    • limp appendages
    • poor coordination and muscle control
    • irritability
    • unresponsiveness to feelings in arms, hands
    • inability to control muscles in the arm, hand, or wrist

    Types of Birth Injuries

    Birth injuries can vary greatly, but often involve the cut off of oxygen to the baby at some point in the birth, torn ligaments or fractures that result from attempts to extract the baby, or complications from a C-section or other birth interventions. Cerebral palsy, for example, is a neurological disorder that generally appears during infancy or early childhood. Its effects on body movement and coordination are life-long, but the condition normally does not get worse over time. The condition results from damage to the brain that controls muscle coordination.

    Hypertonia is a condition of increased need for resting activity with a resistance for stretching. Uterine rupture, which can be fatal to both mother and child, results from the separation of the uterine wall and the overlying serosa.

    If you suspect a birth injury, contact The Linton Law firm for your free consultation with a Cleveland birth injury lawyer. They handle all types of birth injury with a proven record of favorable settlements won for clients.