• How Recessions Affect the Need for a Nursing Home Injury Lawyer in Cleveland

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    Recessions affect the entire country, but the elderly can be hit especially the hardest. They often depend on the very governmental services that get put on the chopping block first. The state of New York, for instance, has taken to shutting down a number of nursing homes, and many city and county governments around the country are considering doing the same. There simply aren’t enough beds. Sadly, these kind of depressed conditions are impacting the care that the seniors receive, and many families for the first time are contacting a nursing home injury lawyer in Cleveland to advocate for their loved ones rights.

    On top of limited social funds, healthcare is going through the roof, which further impacts the nursing home industry in a multitude of ways. Stretched down to the wire of their budgets, nursing homes are often forced to cut the level of care their residents receive, resulting in fewer checkups by staff, less custodial work and an overall degraded level of care. Further, overworked staff may often neglect the care of the residents, resulting in over or under medication, inattention, or less than sanitary living conditions which often need the advocacy of a nursing home injury lawyer in Cleveland.

    If your loved one isn’t getting the care he or she needs, however, at least they have family that can advocate for them. Do something about it, and consult a nursing home injury lawyer in Cleveland to advocate on your behalf. Remember, this is more than just about your loved one, but your loved one’s entire community. If nobody does something about dismal conditions, your loved one suffers, but also his or her neighbors. Be the lifeline of your loved one, not only for their sake, but the entire community.

  • When You Should Pick Up the Phone and Call a Cleveland Car Accident Lawyer

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    Car accidents happen daily, whether it’s a scratch on a bumper or a tragic collision that results in injury or death. The first people to call are the police or other emergency officials. Who do you call next, your insurance company or a Cleveland car accident lawyer? The answer depends on the damage. If there are injuries or serious damage to your vehicle, definitely consult a Cleveland car accident lawyer, and don’t delay. In many cases, it’s wise to talk to one even before you have an in-depth conversation with any insurance company.

    A Cleveland car accident lawyer can advocate for you and your family’s rights by either negotiating with insurance claims adjusters, or fighting for your rights in court. Claims adjusters are professionally trained to settle claims for as little money as possible. Once you’ve accepted money from the insurance company, the claim is considered settled and there is very little advocacy that can be done at a later point. Also, remember that insurance companies record all conversations they have with you, so always be certain to consult your attorney before going into lengthy details about the accident.

    A Cleveland car accident lawyer fights for the rights of his or her clients every day. Those who utilize professional legal services in negotiating claims tend to receive higher settlements, even after the legal expenses have been paid. They know how to handle a courtroom as well if not better than the lawyers for the insurance companies.

    Contact Linton & Hirshman LLC today for a free consultation with a Cleveland car accident lawyer. Each of our partners has deeply entrenched experience negotiating with insurance companies. Unlike the insurance companies which only look to protect their bottom line, they work for you, advocating for your family and their rights. One simple call helps empower you and your family’s future.

  • Spinal Injury Lawyer and the Importance of Financial Security

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    Life is forever changed by a spinal injury. You or your loved one may be out of work or need expensive lifelong care. Life goes on, but healing must take place. To learn to live with your family’s new life situation, emotional, physical and financial security is essential. You and your family now face innumerable challenges, and one of those challenges is how to financially provide for your loved one. You need to seek a free consultation with a Cleveland spinal injury attorney. Choosing to call may very well be the first step to putting the pieces of your life back together.

    Talking to a Linton & Hirshman spinal injury lawyer is free, with our initial consultation. We will consider your case, and if warranted, conduct an extensive review. While we only take cases we believe have merit, once we agree to represent you, your loved ones will get the fullest leverage of our considerable legal resources. Our leading partners Tobias J. Hirshman, Robert F. Linton, Jr., and Ellen Hobbs Hirshman are each an experienced spinal injury attorney, having worked for some of the leading firms in the area before forming their own firm.

    At Linton & Hirshman, we treat each of our clients with respect and dignity as if they were our own family. We understand the serious financial, emotional and physical challenges you face. We will aggressively fight to make your case in court. Judges and lawyers have come to respect our legal team for our expertise, commitment to excellence and the energy we devote to every case we choose to pursue. The lucrative settlements we’ve won for our clients speak for themselves.

    Life continues after a spinal injury, but future medical care and the finances to provide that care are a necessary concerns that must be addressed. As your chosen spinal injury lawyer, Linton & Hirshman will aggressively assert your rights so that you get the settlement you deserve. Start to put your life back together by calling a Linton and Hirshman Cleveland spinal injury attorney.