• The Assessment of Risk and When to Consult a Nursing Home Injury Lawyer in Cleveland

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    The sad fact about nursing home injury is that it is many times quite preventable. Aging people naturally have health problems, but when an injury is the direct sign of abuse or neglect, something must be done, not only for that individual, but for his and her neighbors who also depend on that facility. When you advocate for a loved on by consulting a nursing home injury lawyer in Cleveland, you advocate for his or her friends and neighbors as well. Nobody lives in a vacuum, which makes preventing nursing home injury everyone’s responsibility. Let’s examine the different levels of risk that may lead to nursing home injury.

    Facility Risk Factors

    Unfortunately, we live in an era of budget cuts and cutting corners, which has a direct impact on the life and care of your loved one. Ask any nursing home injury lawyer in Cleveland. Countless studies clearly show that poor staffing contribute greatly to the risk of neglect and even abuse. The more staff turnover, the smaller the staff and the general culture of the facility can greatly contribute to burnout, which has a considerably adverse effect on the residents. Watch for signs of under-staffing, as well as the overall mood and disposition of the staff. Do they have enough people to properly handle the care of the residents?

    Relationship Risk Contributors

    Pay attention to the interactions between your loved one and the care providers. Do they treat the resident as a human being with respect, and act in a nurturing way or are they irritated and overworked? Don’t always take the staff at face value, either. They could just be putting on a good front because you may be paying the bill. Talk to your loved one personally and find out exactly how he or she is being treated. Often, you can sense instances of abuse or negligence simply because you know them so well. If you have your concerns, always consult a nursing home injury lawyer in Cleveland.

  • Consult a Brain Injury Lawyer in Cleveland for Ways to Heal Following a Brain Injury

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    What assets can families use to help their loved one recover as fully as possible? Your brain injury lawyer in Cleveland will be able to provide you with valuable direction and resources, and make some great recommendations. In reality, your brain injury lawyer in Cleveland won’t have all the answers. And ultimately it will be up to the family to find what works best for their loved one. Here are a few places to start:


    The Healing Ability of Pets

    Like the rest of us, people with brain injuries seek unconditional love, someone who will love them as they are, not what they once were. Pets are a perfect medium for this kind of unconditional love. A pet is kind, accepting and forgiving. Therapy animals can have proven profound psychological benefits on people afflicted with brain injuries. They can teach them how to love again, which promotes healing and rebirth on life.

    Plan Structured Family Time

    No two brain injuries are created equal and the healing process will differ drastically among patients. The injury creates the beginning for a lifetime of healing process. Life will never be the same; however, family and close friends can provide a world of good toward the results of treatments just by helping to arrange structured visits that they can depend upon.

    People with brain injuries seek structure and community support. Structured family time will provide both. Plan to watch movies together, join in activities, games or outings together at regular times, such as a special day of the week or a special time each day. This gives the loved one something to look forward to, and gives them that feeling of acceptance and community which can expedite healing.

    Set Up Regular Exercise Program

    People with brain injuries need regular exercise. Inactivity in anyone (even healthy folks) can lead to depression, which slows down recovery. Simple walks, participation in sports and other activities with others recovering from a similar injury, or even a regular stretching program will do wonders to induce happy chemicals like serotonin which can further aid the healing process.

    Let’s face it. Not all the answers will come from a brain injury lawyer in Cleveland – but the expert advice from a trusted expert is a good place to start rebuilding your loved one’s life.

  • Why Hire a Cleveland Medical Malpractice Attorney?

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    The tragedy of medical malpractice is that it doesn’t need to happen. More importantly, it should never happen again. When you hire a Cleveland medical malpractice attorney to assert your rights in court, you are fighting not only for your own benefit, but every patient in the facility. Fortunately, Hospital errors occur with less frequency thanks to medical malpractice cases which have been filed by other injured families.  These lawsuits send a message to the medical community that bad medical care will not be tolerated. When hospitals, nursing homes and doctors are proven to be negligent, they need to be held accountable. As your Cleveland medical malpractice attorney, we will aggressively work to ensure that those responsible are held accountable for their mistakes.

    Aside from holding the medical community responsible so that mistakes like yours never happen again, you also have your own interests to protect as well. You may be out of a job with no means of making a living. You may require permanent, lifelong care or other expensive medical accommodations.  As your Cleveland medical malpractice lawyer, Linton & Hirshman will fight to make sure your needs are met.

    Hire a medical malpractice attorney to hold those negligent responsible and to make sure that you receive the care you need. Do it for justice and your own security. As your medical malpractice attorney, we devote all necessary resources to identifying the negligent actions of the medical professional so that this tragedy never happens again. We strive to get you what you deserve.