• Cleveland Nursing Home Injury Lawyer: Abuse Cases On the Rise

    Posted on February 5th, 2018 admin No comments

    It’s a startling trend that certainly troubles our nursing home injury lawyer in Cleveland. Since 2011, staff to resident abuse in long term care homes has risen 148 percent, according to a  year-long CBC Marketplace investigation.

    In 2016, there were 2,198 reported incidents of abuse pointing to an average of six seniors at long-term care homes in Ontario being abused every day.

    While the data was compiled from a six year investigation in Ontario, similar trends can be found in the US, especially Ohio.

    Nursing home abuse is surprisingly common.

    “We hear stories of people being illegally detained, of being left in bed for days, filthy conditions, cockroaches, assault,” Jane Meadus, a lawyer and institutional advocate with the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly, told CBC News.

    Why Evidence is So Important

    And often when families do inquire about the nature of injuries, they receive little information or help from care staff. Many in response have turned to placing cameras, to monitor their loved ones.

    “Every time we’d ask for an explanation from the facility, we would be told that there was no documentation, there’s no information to elaborate or to clarify or shed light on what occurred,” Daniel Nassrallah, a Canadian lawyer representing a client who suffered nursing home abuse.

    That is why our Cleveland birth injury lawyer always recommends documenting any possibility of elder care abuse. Take photos, have the resident examined by a doctor, even collect camera footage if necessary. Your loved ones safety, health and rights deserve advocacy.