• The Importance of Consulting a Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyer

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    Despite the advancements of modern medicine, childbirth continues to be potentially tragic. Some birth injuries are simply unavoidable. Others, however, are the direct result of negligence or malpractice. It’s important to consult a Cleveland birth injury attorney in any instance of birth injury.  If someone is at fault, Linton & Hirshman, a leading Cleveland birth injury lawyer firm, can help win the financial security your family needs to cope with your child’s unique needs. Your child now faces considerable life challenges with serious medical and financial needs. It’s not about revenge. It’s about your family’s financial security.

    Birth injuries can result in permanent disabilities that may require lifetime medical care, treatment, living assistance needs, and financial support. If your child is born with a disability, there is much to consider. How will you take care of your child for a lifetime, and who will do it when you are older? As one of the area’s leading Cleveland birth injury lawyer firms, Linton & Hirshman brings over 90 years of combined experience to the table.

    Our lawyers Robert F. Linton, Jr., Ellen Hobbs Hirshman, and Tobias J. Hirshman have worked for some of the most respected Cleveland birth injury attorney firms, often representing some of the very insurance and medical providers they now fight in court on your behalf. They can anticipate the arguments of the other side. They will devote their considerable resources of specialists to attaining your child’s financial security with a substantial settlement that guarantees your child’s care for the extent of his or her lifetime.

    To first determine what settlement is fair to you, a Linton & Hirshman Cleveland birth injury attorney will  work with experts to help establish a realistic cost scenario for your child’s lifetime care expenses, often called a life care plan. They can help ensure that your child gets all the care they need throughout their lifetime, even after you’re gone.

    As a leading birth injury lawyer firm in Cleveland, we specialize in cases involving:

    • Cerebral Palsy Birth Injury
    • Brachial Pelvis Birth Injury
    • Placental Previa Birth Injury
    • Vasa Previa Birth Injury
    • Uterine Rupture Birth Injury
    • Fetal Distress Birth Injury
    • Shoulder Dystocia Birth Injury
    • Breech Delivery Birth Injury
    • Hypoxia Birth Injury
    • Asphyxia Birth Injury
    • Anoxic Brain Injury
    • Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) Birth Injury
    • VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Section) Birth Injury
    • Vaginal Delivery Birth Injury
    • Birth Injuries Cause By Forceps

    Contact a Linton & Hirshman Cleveland birth injury lawyer for a free consultation to consider your case. While we only accept cases that we believe have merit, most are taken on a contingency basis, so that you only pay a percentage of what we recover on your behalf. Birth is a fragile, complicated process. Only an expert can determine if you have a case. We urge you to seek advice from a Linton & Hirshman Cleveland birth injury attorney today.

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