• The Importance of Consulting a Cleveland Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

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    Many cancers are quite treatable, provided that they are diagnosed timely.  A cancer misdiagnosis can prove to be a virtual death sentence. When a doctor fails to identify cancer, or fails to timely treat your cancer, your chances of survival are considerably compromised. If you or someone you love has been found to have cancer that was treatable, but was not correctly diagnosed, it’s important that you speak to a Linton & Hirshman Cleveland cancer misdiagnosis lawyer as soon as possible. We need to gather evidence while it is still fresh in order to best assert your rights in a court of law. As one of the leading Cleveland cancer misdiagnosis attorney firms, our legal specialists have the experience and the resources to get you the settlement and financial protection that you deserve.

    In a case of cancer misdiagnosis, much needs to be proved to prepare a formidable case. Patients will often visit their doctors telling them about their early signs and symptoms of cancer, but their doctor fails to diagnose their cancer.  their cancer is usually treatable, but because of a delay in diagnosis of cancer, becomes deadly.  Many medical records and diagnostic tests need to be reviewed by our expert team of attorneys to prove cancer misdiagnosis. Specialists need to be consulted. As a leading cancer misdiagnosis lawyer firm, Linton & Hirshman has considerable resources and experts to devote to your case. We will preserve the evidence and fight for your behalf. Read the results of our case summaries. The numerous lucrative awards achieved by our legal team speak for themselves.

    As one of the top Cleveland cancer misdiagnosis lawyer firms, our legal team specializes in cases that include:

    • Failure to diagnose cancer
    • Delay in cancer diagnosis
    • Cervical cancer
    • Breast cancer
    • Brain tumor
    • Prostrate cancer
    • Colon cancer
    • Melanoma
    • Bladder Cancer

    Speak with a Linton & Hirshman Cleveland cancer misdiagnosis attorney as soon as possible. We will recommend the best legal recourse for you and your family. If we determine your case to have merit, we usually will take it on a contingency basis. Our payment will be a percentage of the financial recovery package we recover on your behalf.

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