• The Women’s Health Law Center: Discuss the Intimate Details with a Woman Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyer

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    Birth injury can be a sensitive subject, but the details need to be intimately discussed as they are so  critical to the health of your new born child. While these topics may be embarrassing, it’s important to confront them early on in order to best advocate for the rights and health of your child. Facing birth injury takes a comfortable setting with a Cleveland birth injury lawyer with whom you feel comfortable sharing personal details. It’s the only way to build the best case and provide for your child’s lifetime care.

    That’s why Linton & Hirshman LLC started the Women’s Health Law Center, a place where mothers can feel comfortable talking about the circumstances of their child’s birth in a woman to woman setting. The center is headed by Ellen Hirshman, a leading Cleveland birth injury lawyer who earned her stripes working at one of Ohio’s largest malpractice firms. There, she specialized in cases involving woman’s health issues. Her experience and that of her partners Robert F. Linton, Jr. and Tobias J. Hirshman bring over 75 years of litigation experience to the courtroom.

    An experienced Cleveland birth injury lawyer for over 25 years, Ellen Hirshman not only has an ear to listen, but a keen and experienced mind to advocate for your rights and those of your child. Get comfortable, relax and discuss the details of your child’s birth, as it’s often the little things that can form the best case for the advocacy of your child. If you are uncomfortable speaking to a male attorney, with Linton & Hirshman LLC, you may have a comforting woman to woman conversation with Ellen.

    Your ability to feel comfortable is central to building the most excellent legal strategy for your child’s best interest. Birth injury is personal. Leading Linton & Hirshman’s Women’s Health Law Center, Ellen Hirshman is a Cleveland birth injury lawyer who understands. Talk it over with a woman who knows these issues not only in the courtroom but also from a mother’s point of view.

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